Post-holiday motivation

After the holidays have come and gone motivation often dwindles. For me it was the two-week vacation that caused too much relaxation to settle in. The kids were out of school and my office was closed. Two weeks of nothing but whatever-I-want-to-do and then it hits… BAM! It’s time to get back to work. My body calls for A&E television and a quilt on the sofa. My mind wants to follow. My pocketbook says different. And as always, the dollar wins. After all, my family does prefer electricity and groceries.

Monday was typical but busy, getting back into the groove. Today I am still fighting the voices in my head that beckon me to the sofa. So far motivation is increasing and winning the fight. I have tons to do and the hours in the day are still only 24! I am aggressively seeking an agent/partner but the applicant information received so far leaves much to be desired. Pray for me 😉