Impromptu Quarantine Post: Staying safe from the ’rona, sheltering with 2 dogs and a cat, and writing

I hope everyone is healthy and staying safe in these crazy times. I’ve been self-isolating with my dogs and cat. My sister is the only person I’ve visited since the first of March. I miss my children and grandchildren! Crafting with my sister is always fun but it has also kept me sane these past few months. I wonder if her neighbors think we’re drunk—or insane. We craft in my sister’s garage (we’re The Garage Girls), laughing and acting crazy, listing to old music, and sometimes singing. Between our loud mouths and the power tools, it does get noisy.

For the most part, my fur babies keep me company, but I think even they are getting tired of me being with them 24/7. After all, it’s hard to sneak a snack from the cat’s litter box when mom is always around. I know, I know. Gross! But fur baby parents with cats and dogs in the same house know the struggle.

I’m using some of my free time to work on a novel—when I’m not binge-watching Netflix. The novel (untitled) has strong paranormal/supernatural elements. When researching some info scared me so much I had to stop until daylight. I like where the characters are taking me and hope my readers will too. The overall takeaway is that evil can hide in plain sight. It will make you question whether you really know a person. But that’s all I’m saying!

Until my next post, stay safe!