Double check the locks, look under the bed, say your prayers, and read at your own risk

I'm stoked about the release of Nightmares of Strangers: An Anthology of Eerie, Strange, and Spooky Stories coming October 22. It was so much fun writing "The Costume" and bringing the dead to life, so to speak. Each story brings it own helping of horrors that is sure to give the reader reason to leave the light on and question what is real.

You can preorder the Kindle version now (click link above). The paperback will be live October 22!

Shameless promo description...

TouchPoint Press presents Nightmares of Strangers, an anthology of thirteen eerie stories that will spark feelings of unease and paranoia with just the right helping of fear to last beyond the night—a devilish deal, the return of the murderous H.H. Holmes, a ghost who isn’t what he seems, and other spine-tingling tales that make you double check the locks, look under the bed, and wonder what really made that loud “thump” in the attic.

For those who believe protection from evil is found under the covers, in not letting your feet hang over the side of the bed, in looking in the closet before turning out the light . . . Say your prayers. And read at your own risk.

In Volume I
First, They Come Quietly by Dan Whitfield
Grayside Entries by Arvin De Leon
Tap by Shawn P. B. Robinson
The Ultimate Scribe by Bruce Leonard
Aster’s List by Archita Mittra
Charade by Mya O’Malley
The Costume by Sheri Williams
Candle in the Dark by Žiga Povše
Forever Yours by Kelly Martin
The Inheritance by Charles A. Salter
Midnight at The Steak Depot by Jane Nightshade
Incident in Darke Forest by J.L. Salter
The Rules Are Clearly Posted by Becky Marietta