Instructions are for smart people only, right?

I seriously wonder about people sometimes…

I think most people will agree that instructions (or in publishing: guidelines) exist for a reason. So, why are some people determined to go against them?

What am I ranting about? Unsolicited attachments in email messages. I just do not understand what is so hard to understand about “NO Unsolicited Attachments.” Even more, what about when the words “unsolicited attachments” is followed by “will not be opened or acknowledged”?

Anyone who has ever experienced a bug from an email or an email attachment can relate, I’m sure.

Then again, maybe this determined rebellion is a new wonder of the world that we are not supposed to understand. Whatever it is, I don’t like it.

But…I’ll get over it.

Just had to share my disgruntled attitude! Now, I am off to delete the email with the unsolicited attachment. I will be smiling as I do it, too! No, I’m not mean or harsh, but really. Really! Follow the rules!

Done. I’m happy now. Can you see me smiling. Grinning actually. From ear to ear!

Happy Friday! Have an amazing weekend everyone Winking smile!