My Fitness Journey

My story

Sheri Williams CartoonMost of my life I have weighed around 110 pounds. Even after having each of my 4 children, I lost weigh almost immediately. Then one day I realized I was gaining weight. It was cool at first. 130 pounds wasn't bad. I finally had some substance... no more being called too skinny. However, about 2 weeks later, I reached 150.  Two months later, I reached 170, then 190. That is nearly double my normal weight.

I was horrified and scared to death. I was very active and never sat still for long. What was wrong with me? Was I dying? After several tests, my doctor found I had a thyroid issue. While I've had some minor stability in not putting on more weight with thyroid medications, I have not been able to lose the added weight. I plateaued around 190.

Life was miserable. Add on the hormonal changes of now being 50, and I was a silent mess. When I wasn't having hot flashes, I was just plain hot from being overweight.

I even tried eating one meal a day with the rare indulgences when eating with friends or family. And even that was rare because I practically had become a recluse. Add on anxiety and depression and you have what had become the new me. A sad, embarrassed me. I felt so self-conscious going out. I stopped accepting invitations to writers' conferences and avoided all in-person contact other than my sister, children, and some other family members.

My depression worsened to the point that medications weren't helping. I did connect with a new and wonderful doctor who has been so patient and understanding of how the anxiety, depression, and weight were impacting my life. We were able to try a medication that gave me a great deal of relief. There was still some anxiety and depression lingering, though.

Then I was introduced to something that totally changed my life... that is still changing my life. I have lost a few pounds and have better mental clarity/focus. My energy levels have improved. I've been getting outside, gardening, visiting others AT THEIR HOMES, and just feeling happier .

I have committed to making this a lifestyle change that I know will result in more weight loss, and, more importantly, just being healthier overall.

Follow my journey

You are welcome to follow my journey through my blog posts.

I will be posting before and after pics (yes, totally coming out of my comfort zone), sharing what's working for me, my favorite (and not so favorite) workouts/exercises, and more. I'm also interested in hearing your story.

I'd love you add you to my private VIP group on Facebook.  You can click the link to the left and request to join, or you can send me an email (sheri at sheriwilliamsauthor dot com), and I'll add you as quickly as possible.

I created this group as a place we can gather, ask questions, learn, and just have good fellowship. I always want you to feel welcomed and comfortable in the group… like coming home.

Have questions about what my fitness journey entails and how I have turned it into a home business? You can fill out a request for information here:


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