It’s Monday and the start of an amazing new week. I missed posting last week but am doing a double post today.

It’s also National Lazy Day but no lazing for me. What about you?

Are you wondering about that danged exercise bike? Has she put it together yet? Well, uhm, that would be a no. I know. I know. Scold me!

I had planned to do it this past weekend, but my air conditioning was dead. Dead, I tell you. It was 86 inside.

I will be doing it though. And soon. I promise! (Can't break a promise.) Also, I made a commitment to do something BIG and my exercise bike will be an important part of it for me.

I’m glad I’ve lost weight and feel better, but I didn’t lose like I wanted the past two weeks. I got lax and can’t do that again. I haven’t gained any weight back. That’s great, sure, but it would be too easy to gain it back so I have to jump back into action mode!

Yes, fine, but what did you commit to, already?

I committed to the Isa Body Challenge. This will not only give me accountability, but I will be doing it with other members.

Mark lost 100 pounds; read his story: A Selfless Dad's Weight Loss Story

I’ve wanted to sign up for a couple months but kept putting it off. I didn’t mention it before now because, well, if I say it out loud to you, I’ll have to follow through, right? Right! So, here we are.

I am excited though!

Who would like to get healthy with me? It would be so much fun if we were to do it together. We can cheer one another on, and I’ll even be personally giving away prizes throughout the challenge. And guess what else? Our company’s top prize for this challenge is $50,000. You read that correctly. Fifty. Thousand. Big Ones!

What is the Isa Body Challenge? It’s a 16-week challenge. The company also gives $200 in products among many other goodies.

Are you up for it? If I can do this, you can do it too! Come on, let’s team up!

If you’re game, let me know so we can get signed up at the same time. You can email me ( or message me on Facebook.

Now for the stats update…

Weeks 5 and 6
Weight loss stats update:
Date - Aug 10, 2020
Weight – 187
Waist - 40
Hips - 42

I stayed the same, but the Isa Body Challenge is going to be a major game changer. I know I said it before, but to repeat: I am so excited!!!

I look forward to receiving your message that YOU want to join the challenge and get healthy with me!

I'm going to finish my supper! Yum! Strawberry IsaLean shake, one whole banana, and 8 ounces of almond milk.

Sing it with me... Heaven!