I’m late in posting my weekly update. It’s been a busy and exciting week on the work front!

I’m still feeling great and enjoying my products. Admittedly, I have not put my exercise bike together. I have vowed to myself to get that done this weekend. I know I will see even more progress, but I have to USE it, right?!

I had a little concern over using coconut sugar in the place of regular sugar (I detest the taste of artificial sweeteners). Coconut sugar is the only sweetener I’ve tried that tastes like sugar, and I only use it in my coffee. I don’t use sugar of any type in any of my meals (other than the sugar already in other ingredients), and I buy the Kroger brand. When I Googled info on it, the info was all over the place. So, I went to WebMD.

Coconut sugar isn’t a superfood. Coconut sugar has become trendy, thanks to claims that it’s healthier than table sugar (which comes from sugar cane or sugar beets). That’s because it’s lower on the Glycemic Index (GI, a measure of how quickly a food affects your blood sugar) than white sugar. But its GI value has actually been disputed, and the official Glycemic Index website puts its value closer to table sugar. Coconut sugar has the same number of calories and grams of sugar as white sugar—and despite internet claims that it’s packed with nutrients, you’d have to eat large amount of it to get anything meaningful (it’s also pricey). —Sally Kuzemchak, MS, RD

There really isn’t much scientifically based information on using coconut sugar as a substitute for regular sugar. After this, I’m not sure that coconut sugar is helping, but I like it. What I do know is that I used regular sugar twice after not finding any "beneficial" information on it's influence on weight loss. So, I’ll keep using it in my coffee for now.

If you find information, please do share with me. 🙂

Weight loss stats update:

Date - July 29, 2020
Weight – 187
Waist - 40
Hips - 42

I didn’t lose in pounds this past week, but I did lose inches. I can tell a big difference in my clothes this week. I have gone done a full size (whoo hoo!). I wasn’t as physically active this past week either. I spent a lot of time working (sitting) versus the activities I have been doing since starting my fitness journey.

Here’s to a more active week next week and to seeing more pounds fall off!