Jeremiah 29:11 His plans are for our future and to give us hope!

This journey teaches me something new every week. Heck. I’m learning something new every DAY!

Being my best self—my healthier self—involves so much more than losing weight.

When I started this journey, it wasn’t for weight loss (though I didn't realize it at the time). It was because I was desperate to pull myself up from the rock bottom pit of mental distress. Mind you, I lived quite secretly with this illness. Apart from a couple of family members and a good friend (and amazing coworker), no one knew I was living in darkness, teetering on the edge of nevermore.

To say this journey and being aligned with Isagenix has changed by life is quite literally an understatement. It SAVED my life. And, no, I’m NOT exaggerating.

While I was actively researching home business opportunities, I initially aligned with this company because I was out of options. I have suffered with anxiety and depression for years and coupled with thyroid disease, I was miserable. I am sure my doctor was as tired of hearing “the medicine worked at first but now it’s like I’m not taking anything at all” as I was of changing meds. I was tired of how I felt. Tired of being withdrawn. Tired of being depressed. Tired of being paralyzed at the thought of venturing outside. Tired. Tired. I was ready to give up. I feared this feeling was (1) what the rest of my life would be like and (2) that I no longer cared to live with it.

In spite of my faith in God... I. No. Longer. Cared. Live? Okay. Don’t live? That’s okay too. Just make it go away!

Then I was introduced to Isagenix. A business opportunity that also offers a healthier lifestyle? Improved mental focus? Weight loss? I was interested, but I wasn't stoked. Remember, my ability to be "stoked" was broken. 😉

I started with a pack that I was sure was going to be like anything else I had tried in the past. Why would this be different, right? Oh well, I’ll give it a try. What do I have to lose at this point?

I started with the Ionix Supreme, Accelerator, Cleanse for Life, IsaLean strawberry shake, and Amped Power. I added in Amped Hydrate. Within a couple days, I was feeling “better,” but I couldn’t’ quite put my finger on what was changing. This is a weight loss program, right?


Sure, the pack I ordered was for weight loss, but my mind and body were transforming in more ways that weight loss.

I immersed myself in the reading material.

I learned that I was putting whole, natural products in my body. Products scientifically designed to make me healthier overall. My body was being detoxified. I could tell the difference in how I felt mentally and emotionally.

For almost a year, my day consisted of going from the bed to the work desk to the couch to the bed. No joke!

Suddenly, I was wanting to do more. I began doing regular laundry versus waiting until I had on the last stitch of clean clothes. I started to sit up and watch TV versus being cemented to the bed hugging a body pillow. I found I was more excited about seeing the sun welcome me to a new day. I was, dare I say, feeling happy. Real happiness. I felt inspired and motivated. I felt. Period.

After a few weeks of using the products, I felt like me again. I missed ME. The me who works hard. The me who likes to stay busy. The me who is creative and funny. The me who loves people. The me who wants to be with others and to be involved.

Then came the motivation to start my weight loss journey.

I had to get to a healthy mental and emotional place before I would be able to take the next step much less commit to the next step.

Today, three weeks into my fitness journey, I am thankful. Sure, I am thankful I am consistently losing weight (I feel and see a difference in how my clothes fit and how much energy I have), but I am most thankful to Isagenix for giving me my life back.

I missed this ole girl!

My faith reassures me that I wasn’t introduced to this company by chance. This company is a blessing to me. Thank God for Isagenix!

My clothes are baggy!

Weight loss stats update:

Date - July 20, 2020
Weight – 187
Waist - 41
Hips - 44

I look forward to even more better days and to sharing more of my journey with you!


Personal note from me: If you or someone you know is experiencing feelings of anxiety and depression, I am here. Of course, I would love to discuss how our products can help you, but I genuinely want to help you, period. Sometimes having someone to vent to during the dark days (you know the days that seem to drag on for ever and there isn’t a pin-prick of light on the horizon) gives us the strength we need to make it to day 2, then 3, then 4, and to eventually break free and move forward to a better tomorrow. Please know you can contact me anytime!