Rootin Tootin Dog

Bradley has done it again ... this time his antics lead to a stinky situation and hurt someone else.

Bradley is always in trouble. He's in trouble so often that his parents call him "T" for short.. His actions are usually nothing major, but he has definitely earned his nickname.

When Bradley decides to sneak something without permission and then tries to cover it up, he learns that being dishonest is not only the wrong choice but sometimes our choices can hurt others— and lead to some stinky situations.

"Rootin Tootin Dog is [a] unique children's book. Sheri Williams took a real-life lesson and turned it into a fun and educational book for kids to read ... Stephanie Campbell does a wonderful job with the accompanying colorful and unique illustrations. It's definitely a book I would recommend to parents for their children." -Tiffany Ferrell for Reader's Favorite

Peace, Love & Journaling - A journal for tweens

Peace, Love & Journaling - A journal for tweens

It is perfect for doodling and fun or use as a diary. Each page is the same and includes a space for the date, lines for easy writing, and a cool muted background. Another cool feature is the “Hand’s Off” heading and “My Journal, Not Yours” footer on each page. Great for a surprise happy for the tween in your life, a special gift or occasion, or even a fundraising product.

Information Organizer

Perfect for Personal and Business Organization

Information Organizer: Organize from A to Z

Being organized improves focus, increases motivation, and helps overall productivity. Stop searching for lost post-it notes with scribbled addresses and passwords. With the Information Organizer, you can keep essential information and contacts, including vital information about your family or other data needed in an emergency in one easy to reference source. The Information Organizer includes a list of all US area codes, 2018 and 2019 calendars, 2018 holidays (federal, observed, and state), 2018 #hashtag days and holidays (great for fun and posting on social media), dedicated note pages, and a birthday calendar.

I’ve received great feedback on this edition and will incorporate suggestions in a new edition coming for 2020.