So, apparently July 9 is National Cookie Day. How funny and ironic since my post today is about my progress since digging in with my fitness journey on July 1.

A little back story, I started trying some products in April. I wanted to be able to see what I liked and what worked to give me more energy first so I could set my preferred products and dig in.

My favorites

I love strawberry protein shakes. They taste like a strawberry milkshake. Sooo good! I can never finish a whole one so I cut mine in half. Hey, double the serving from one canister, right?  I'm not sure about the chocolate yet. I'll try it next. I'm particular about chocolate because so many have an odd taste and even worse aftertaste. But my brother-in-law loves the chocolate and says it tastes like real chocolate (probably because it's made with healthy chocolate and not some artificial concoction). My sister loves the birthday cake flavor. I'm not a fan of regular birthday cake, so I'll pass on that one. 🙂

I love our premium coffee but not so sure about the organic. The premium gives me a natural energy and overall feeling of "good" and taste smooth. The organic has a slight minty citrus taste. It's very subtle and is okay, so I will save my organic coffee for when I'm waiting on more premium. LOL. I still drink my regular coffee (I don't wanna give up my Donut Shop blend or my Folger's Columbian), but I have cut out regular sugar and only use coconut sugar (Kroger brand). I can't tell the difference--coconut sugar tastes the same. iIt does look like I have dirt in my sugar bowl, though.

I am addicted to lemon-lime Hydrate (one stick of powder to 16 oz water), and my all time fave is a mixture of Amped Cherry Berry Power, Peach Mango Cleanse for Life, and Fruits (one scoop of each to 16 ounces of water). One scoop of fruits is equal to a daily allowance so you get it all in one drink. Prioritizing. I like that! I add a few ice cubes but have also mixed with water from the tap. I'm getting ready to introduce a scoop of greens (equal to the daily allowance so I can knock that out too) to something... maybe one of my shakes.

I love the IsaDelight chocolate, caramel, and sea salt squares to help when I feel a little hungry or want something sweet. When I'm eating it, I imagine that I am a judge on Food Network because I can taste each individual flavor. It's a perfect mixture. The first time I opened one, I thought, "This is so small, I'll need two." It was perfect. I felt satisfied with the one.

I also love the supplements: Natural Accelerator (natural ingredients to boost metabolism to help burn fat safely and effectively), IsoBiome (Probiotics and Digestive Enzymes), and CtyoActives, IsaFlush (natural cleanse for healthy digestion).

IsaLean bars are happy-dance-makers. My fave is chocolate coconut almond. Hungry. Eat one and you'll be fine!

Ionix Supreme is heaven in a bottle (or canister if that's your preference). It has adaptogens, antioxidants, and nutrients to help strength the body's ability to fight the effects of stress and promote better recovery. I can testify THIS STUFF HELPS WITH STRESS and improves MENTAL FOCUS and CLARITY.

e+ Shots are natural energy shots that don't make you jittery and don't have that drop of energy after. They are amazing!

My schedule

I start the day with a cup of coffee. I'm supposed to do the Ionix Supreme first with an accelerator capsule, but coffee, right? I drink my coffee with the accelerator, Probiotics, and Digestive Enzymes capsules, then I do the IS later in the morning. If I don't have a shake at lunch, I eat something small, which is usually a protein snack or a couple beef jerky sticks with a couple sticks of cheddar cheese. I have an Amped Hydrate throughout the day and when I really want a good pick me up, I fix the Amped Cherry Berry Power, Peach Mango Cleanse for Life, and Fruits combo.

I don't do the energy shots every day. I only use them when I feel that afternoon slump. But since starting the Hydrate and Power drinks, I rarely feel that slump anymore.

I eat whatever I want for my evening meal. I just eat in moderation.

I take an IsaFlush capsule before bed with either coffee, a lemon-lime Hydrate, or plain water, depending on what I'm in the mood for.

I also use the Sleep Support & Renewal Spray before bedtime (about 20 minutes before bed). 2-3 sprays and you'll be relaxed and ready for bed. This, combined with everything above, has helped the insomnia I had for about 6 months.

Can I still eat out?

I do still eat out (well, delivered take-out), a lot actually, but I am more selective in what I order. I love breakfast any time of the day, so I order breakfast food quite often.  Club sandwiches with baked chips. I love Newk's extreme salad with ranch. Steak and baked potato (just get a smaller size steak). I rarely do hamburgers and similar fast foods. I love burgers cooked at home! I'm getting hungry writing this (*starting to drool a little*).

So, now the goods...

Now that I've talked about my "stuff" and what I do and don't do, it's time to do a weigh in. Yikes, right?!

On July 1, 2020: 

Weight - 193
Waist - 43
Hips - 46

July 8, 2020:

Weight: 191.2
Waist: 42
Hips: 45

That's not a lot, but it is all with NO exercise.

So, guess what I did? I bought an exercise bike. Look, it's too dang hot in Arkansas to go walking outside, plus I'm not walking by myself 'round here. Sure, I could take the dogs, but Fred (Yorkie, 12) is old and slow (ha, so am I), and Sister (long-haired Chihuahua, 4) is a tiny bully on crack when she sees another animal. 

I have to assemble the bike, but I am really excited!! I can't wait to add that and some home aerobics to my day. Next week, I am sure I will have even more progress to report!

Until then, stay safe and healthy!